We are Fiorella and Dalila,
two visual designers
who work to create tailor-made
projects with a focus on
research and details.

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what we do:

We build and define
the visual identity
of a brand, translating
its vision with originality and intuition, aiming
to communicate an effective, passionate
and coherent message.

how we do it?

We do this by translating
the invisible parts of a brand
into visible parts that allow
the final consumers to recognize
it and recognize theirselves,
thus leaving an unforgettable
impression on their minds.

our manifesto:

We put research
in the foreground

We allow in-depth research and careful analysis
to give shape to our unique ideas.

We have a fervid imagination

We have a brilliant mind with unlimited creativity, our imagination is endless, breaking traditional patterns and boundaries.

We always
find solutions

We always find solutions. Our curiosity and experience always lead us to find solutions where simplicity is synonymous with design depth.

We create projects
fitted for you

Each brand has unique characteristics that need to be told through tailor-made projects. This is why we don’t simply create identities and visual languages, we create stories, your story.

We are focused
on details

Our work focuses on the continuous research
of detail to create projects that are unique
and groundbreaking.

We look forward
to work with you

Our work is an exciting challenge, we will never
stop looking into the future with curiosity,
positivity, spirit and innovation.

we are fond of:

branding / visual identity
editorial design / packaging
web design / art direction
social media / digital identity
exhibition design / way-finding